Whilst we are building our full programme, you can find below the description of the four tracks that will be featured at our upcoming Summit.

TRACK 1: Futureproof (the) communications (function)

Gone are the days when communicators simply produced content or dealt with the media. Today, they are expected to be peers to business executives sitting at the highest strategic level. What do these new expectations mean for today’s and tomorrows’ senior communicators? We will discuss what is needed to excel in this new age – from elevating the communications function within the organisation, building a closer relationship with the C-Suite to ultimately become a part of it. What can in-house communication professionals learn from their peers in agencies and vice-versa? How can you manage the convergence of brand and reputation? We will debate the thinking that is needed, strategies that can be conceived and tools that can be deployed, to future proof your organisation’s culture and capabilities to ensure deeper connections with stakeholders in this era of fake news and distrust.

TRACK 2: Purpose and sustainability and corporate activism

Society’s expectations of organisations have never been higher. The goalposts continue to shift, and leaders need to adapt to succeed. We will explore what purpose and sustainability mean for organisations today and how best to prepare for the future. What does a purpose-driven company really do differently and how can it balance the diverse interests of fragmented stakeholders? What are the new roles for activist corporations and how are they influencing societal issues? How should leaders develop and hold on to their vision with courage? What role does the communications function play in all this? We will debate different approaches to articulating and delivering on true purpose today – revealing how the tension between doing well and doing good can be used to the business’ and society’s advantage when we realise that they are less conflicts than we imagine.

TRACK 3: Digital society, and all its implications

Data is the fuel our world runs on today. Nearly everything we do, say and touch involves a digital element. How prepared are we, in terms of values skills and governance mechanisms, to be in control rather than be controlled by our digital society? The solutions to our biggest challenges depend on getting the answer right. We will explore what organisations, individual leaders and societies are doing to deliver the digital promise. How are they innovating in socially desirable ways?  What pitfalls should we watch out for? We will focus on the role of communicators in telling a story of hope rather than fear. How are leaders driving the digital transformation inside their own organisations, telling the story and measuring the impact?

Track 4: Communication in transformative industries & sectors

Nearly all industries and sectors are facing major disruption at the moment – from new technologies to trade wars, from the impacts of climate change to the demands of increasingly polarised consumers.  The fear for any business is to become irrelevant to their market. We will discuss the massive changes that challenge organisations in every dimension and make it difficult to balance resilience with growth, and to focus on existing core needs while chasing new opportunities. We will debate how companies can leverage disruption and stay relevant to their audiences, drilling down into the role communications plays in the process. If change is the new normal, how do our functions, our skillset and our teams need to adjust? Where do we invest to drive the future rather than be disrupted by it – and what does that mean for employee engagement and being attractive to the next generation of workers?